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China walkie talkie/walkie talkie /walkie talkie systems

China walkie talkie/walkie talkie /walkie talkie systems
Product Detailed

China walkie talkie
walkie talkie
walkie talkie systems

China walkie talkie 

TA-509 is a multi-2.4G digital wireless audio and video transceiver
intercom, which is our patent product, R&D by our company .It adapts
long-distance wireless date and voice transceiver module. It composed of
the latest RF chip and high-performance industrial-level processing chip,
with a little amount of external components, such as audio amplifier,
microphone, speakers, etc. Also adopt industrial-level design standards,
work together to build a multi-functional wireless digital intercom

Application scope
1) Power construction site maintenance
2) Network and equipment maintenance
3) Mining construction sites contact
4) Army overseer communications
5) Railway construction liaison
6) Oilfield construction liaison
7) Golf course intercom
8) Airport deployment of personnel command
9)Traffic police on duty communication
10)Police patrol communication
Basic function introduction
1) Adopt 2.4G SIM digital public frequency band: 2402--2483.5MHZ.
2) Air transfer rate is up to 2mbit/s, greatly shorten space transfer time.
3) Adopt ARM7 core, super operating capacity.
4) With 12-bits digital audio signal serial input, DAC audio output port,
the sampling rate is 8kbps.
5) Image data transmission and voice date transmission synchronization.
6) Full-duplex voice model.
7) Image adopt MJPEG compression model, one-way wireless can up to
10-16 /s.
8) Transmit power is 16~20 DBM, receive sensitivity is -100DBM.
9) Communicate distance is up to 500m in open space.
10) Adopt AFH technology, can share the 2.4G frequency band with
wireless network card and Bluetooth
11) Auto power-saving sleep protection, internal and external wake-up
12) Separate external power supply, wide voltage supply range DC
13) Random communication channels and synchronization channel
14) With monitoring function ,easy to operate
15) Adopt OV7725 camera, with 2.4-inch TFT display, clear image and
clear picture.
16) Completely independent core technologies contribute to low-cost. We also can provide software upgrades without changing the hardware

Operation specification

 Power on/off

1)       Power on

In the off state, long press the on/off button, until the 2.4 inch TFT-LCD display "welcome" and sounds one "Di" tones, at the same time, the red light turns green, then release the button. It means the handset is in the on state.

2)       Power off

In the on state, long press the on/off button, until the 2.4 inch TFT-LCD display "goodbye" and the red light turns off .It means the handset is in the off state.


1) In the off state, keep press Video/off and on buttons, until power indicator light constant on, and the screen display “configure code” then release the buttons and it will enter into the coding state.

2) If coding is successful, the two handsets will display "succeed"

3. Low power

When the power is too low, the top right corner of screen will shows the icon of battery, it means low power, please recharge.

  Call and surveillance

1)Long press the on/off button, until the 2.4 inch TFT-LCD display "welcome" and sounds one "Di tones, the red light turns green at the same time. Same with another handset, they are synchronization.

2) Press Video/Off buttons to activate the monitor at the communication status.

3) Keep the two handsets in talking and image signal transmission status, you can talk if access to earphone.

4) In voice and video communication state, press the Video OFF button, then close the image, the power to enter only through voice communication mode

5) Brightness control: there are 5 options.

   Brightness +: press"+"when in the monitor status. Brightness increased  

   Brightness -: press "-"when in the monitor status. Brightness decreased

6) Image quality control: Can adjust the clearness of image quality using number1-number2 key in surveillance state.

Technical parameters

1)       Working current is 145mA 

2)       Full band:2.4-2.48 G HZ

3)       Working voltage:3.7V

4)       Adopt 3.7V lithium battery powered

5)       Transmission power:16-20dbm

6)       Receiver sensitivity:-100dbm

7)       Voice Frequency:300-3000HZ

8)       Earphone: with a diameter of 2.5 audio microphone with volume control plug

9)       Full-duplex audio and video intercom

10)  Communication distance: 500m open area.


1)       Battery: Polymer lithium battery  2000mA/h,3.7V

  Charging voltage limit is 5v

2)       Charger: Input AC voltage 110V-240V, 50/60Hz 

Output 5V/1A passed by certification


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